the calibrationgame

Welcome to our project "The calibration Game"
This project was launched at our university as a project for five persons.

About the project

What is "The calibration Game"

The calibration game is a game designed to be run on Linux.
In the game you will move along photos of a building. Initially the pictures are used to create a point-cloud. In the center of the gameworld you will find this point-cloud with all the photos around it. Now you can walk on the pictures. Point-cloud points connect two picture and you can find a wormhole on the pictures. If you step into it, you will be warped to another photo, with other connections. This is the way how to travel around our little world.

The software behind the game

To run our game you will need:

How to get it

You are allowed to check out our GIT or use the Download from above.
(The release you can download from the Downloads is not up to date) Sourceforge Website
After you've downloaded our project, which includes one predefined world, you have to start the game. Therefore open a Terminal and go into the game directory. There enter "python". The game will now start!


Look around Mouse
Forwards W
Backwards S
Strafe left A
Strafe right D
Freeflight activate/deactivate E
Select image left click
Up Space
Down Shift
Save changes C

Behind the scenes

For a better understanding of what we do and how the program is designed, we've created an UML diagram.

The programmers

Maximilian Töpfer